Together We Can

Today’s Kids Unlimited is a reflection of our community’s willingness to believe that the lives of all children are important. The belief and commitment of our community donors has helped to impact the lives of our kids. With your investment, we believe the best is yet to come. Building the Block is a campaign built on nearly 20 years of dedication, learning and evolving best practice programs to advance the support systems necessary to truly break the cycle of poverty. It represents the creation of solutions that are outside of the traditional systems, yet capable of supporting children from cradle to college. The innovation of our model allows for us to believe in the Unlimited. We are driven by the hope of what can be built for our kids and families when we as a community share the value that all children, no matter what their background is, deserve opportunities. With your help, we can build an institution capable of changing the lives of thousands of children, forever strengthening our community for generations.


Kids Unlimited Building the Block Campus


A) New Facility Extension     B) Soccer Field
C) School Based & Community Health Clinic     D) Early Learning Center
E) Expanded Edible Schoolyard