A Place to Play

We have often used the expression “leveling the playing field” to describe our mission to create accessibilities and opportunities to children by removing the barriers that prevent them for being able to access sports. What started as a single basketball team in 2002 for kids in West Medford has grown into year round sports programs serving hundreds of kids each week ensuring that all children can participate.


“In 2003 I first got involved in basketball at Kids Unlimited. I had never dribbled a basketball before but I always wanted to be able to be a part of a team so I got involved with the KU Pass to Play program and found I really loved it. I stuck with it and over the years grew up being able to play at Kids Unlimited all year long.

Olsrud court became a second home to me and with the support of all the staff I became a better student and a better player. Because my parents worked long hours and did not speak English, they weren’t able to help me much but through Kids Unlimited, I got the support I needed to always be involved.

I found basketball was something I was good at and it was a gift that Kids Unlimited helped me recognize. It’s allowed kids like myself to be involved even though we often couldn’t afford some of the expenses. Kids Unlimited makes it possible.”

Yaremi Mejia KU Alumni Class of 2013
First Latina in the history of Oregon Athletics
to receive a Division 1 basketball scholarship.


• 10,000 square foot indoor facility and gymnasium capable of accommodating and growing indoor sports leagues such as basketball, volleyball and soccer

• Expanded physical education classes for KU Academy and after school programs

• Expanded recreational outlets for children in the evenings, weekends and summers

• Outdoor soccer / football field for use during school, after school, evenings, weekends and summer