Focus on Healthy Food and Nutrition

For the majority of our students, our food will be their primary source of nutrition during these crucial years of development. Due to our high poverty rate, 100% of Kids Unlimited Academy students qualify for free lunch. Our breakfast, lunch and dinners are all freshly prepared from scratch on site with fresh and using local ingredients.

New kitchen will provide:

  • At full capacity will serve over 1,500 fresh prepared meals each day
  • Provide year-round food service to our community’s most vulnerable children
  • Provide culinary arts and nutrition education programs to youth and their families
  • Create entrepreneurial efforts for our middle and high school students
  • Service community needs for educational workshops and public meetings
  • Garden to table nutritional learning with our in house meals program


New commons are will allow consolidated seating for meals during and after school hours

New commons are will allow consolidated seating for meals during and after school hours


Food for Thought

Healthy bodies impact healthy minds and we are all reflections of what we eat. At Kids Unlimited we recognize that many of our
children suffer from hunger and often do not have access to proper nutrition outside of school, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that we can provide children with breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the year. We recognize that children in our year-round programs will eat with us 50 weeks of a year, 5 to 7 days a week. With children starting our program as early as 5 years of age and growing through their adolescence, we recognize the responsibility of being their primary source of nourishment and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. In addition to surrounding children with healthy meals we work diligently to provide nutrition education to both the child and the family.

“What predicts a healthy diet more than anything else is the fact that it’s being cooked by a human being and not a corporation… corporations cook very differently than people do, they use vast amounts of salt, fat, and sugar, [because] those are three incredibly attractive and cheap ingredients and when they’re layered properly they’re incredibly addictive.”

– Michael Pollan