“We believe through love, support and education that the Unlimited for every child is truly possible”


From our first after school programs created nearly two decades ago to today’s vision to create Oregon’s first Promise Neighborhood, we are driven by the Unlimited. The Unlimited reflects the limits we must stretch and the scope we must create to ensure all children can find their hope through education. It is the Unlimited that we must strive for in developing services that lift our children, our families and our community.

Since our inception, we have been devoted to removing barriers to enable children in poverty to have equal access to education and enrichment activities. Growing from a grassroots pilot project in 1998, Kids Unlimited has grown to become the largest youth development organization in our region, impacting the lives of over 1,500 youth each week. In 2004, Kids Unlimited moved into the historic Medford Lanes and over the next 12 years fully renovated the old bowling alley into a vibrant community center providing music, the arts, sports, cultural and civic celebrations. In 2013, the Kids Unlimited Academy charter school was created, finding its home in our youth center, which further transformed the services provided for our children and families within the facility.

Building the Block is an evolution of our work and the foundation for transforming Medford’s most distressed neighborhood. It is driven by our goal to provide a holistic model of services for supporting our children and families by providing them with a place to learn, play, receive health and family support services and receive daily healthy meals. We believe through love, support and hope that the Unlimited for every child is truly possible.